We are a group of Bass Anglers

Who We Are

NCBAA is affiliated with the Ohio Bass Federa­ tion, The Bass Federation and FL W (Forest L. Woods). Regular monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month.
Each year Club tournaments are held from April through October at various lakes around the re­gion.
Additionally, NCBAA sponsors/participates in organized fishing events for youth and adults throughout the fishing season.
NCBBAA is an active member of the FLW, the Bass Federation, Inc., and the Ohio BASS Federation.
The organization has a diverse membership who share the values of fish and water conservation, good sportsmanship and friendship.

Membership Requirements

• Express a genuine interest in membership.
• Be sponsored by a current NCBAA member in good standing.
• Applicants must receive a unanimous affirm­ative vote by all members present after the Applicant's 90 day probationary period.
• Remain in good standing with the club by paying yearly dues and applicable tournament fees.
• Agree to serve on an appointed committee during the first two years of membership.
• Be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Meet our Members

Art Fisher

Anthony Farmer

Art Martin

Cory Burton

Dennis Knowles

Edward A. Philpot

Glenn Johnson

Earl Kidd Jr.

Eric Evans

Graylon Keeton

Herbert Wilborn Jr.

Howard Sterling

Jeff Hood

Jerome Davis

Kevin Pollard

Kevin Turner

Larry Farmer

Lorenzo Jones

Marcus Doodley

Ray Shadwick

Robert Davis

Rosco Heath

Stanley VanPelt

Vernell Day

Vic Dorsey

Vince Farmer

Walt Dunning